My Pronouns

My pronouns are they/them

This is because I am not male, not quite female.

I exist outside the gender binary, and as such there’s a few things that hurt my feelings. I don’t continue working with people who repeatedly hurt my feelings. This is a boundary that I enforce tenaciously because my network deserves to work in a safe and affirming environment.

When you are referring to me, I prefer if you just leave gender out of it. If you can’t wrap your head around the idea of singular they, which has existed since the 14th century, then just call me Rae.

Singular usage of they/them pronouns

  • I sent the receipt of sale to them this afternoon.
  • Each child gave a short presentation about their favourite toy.
  • I’m pretty sure that backpack is theirs.

It’s not hard – and I fervently believe that you cannot be an ally to trans folks if you don’t make an effort.

Don’t worry though, my team and I are used to correcting ourselves and each other, as needed. Usually all we need is a quick reminder, then we move on with work and life. Practice makes perfect, and we acknowledge that this is a new skill for most folks.

Thusly, if you are making an honest effort to not hurt my feelings, we will continue to do great things together. If misgendering becomes a recurring problem, your contract will be terminated without refund.