Trans-Inclusive Design Reflected on Capital One Canada’s Website

Most e-commerce websites will allow a registered customer to update their name and email address without any major hassle – like phoning into a call centre – but a lot of financial institutions have unfortunately not opted for this feature. This can unfortunately become yet another rub in a transgender person’s life during their transition.

Having to repeatedly see your deadname, type your deadname to login or call and speak to someone who will deadname and misgender you – these are not fun experiences.

I was delighted to discover that Capital One allows me to update my display name – the name shown to me in the corner of the website and which appears on every page. If you’re a Capital One Canada customer – you can change your “Greeting Name” under your Account Profile.

In the “Security” section, you can also change your username! This is a fantastic feature as well, since many times our logins are based on our first/last names. Since the primary identifier of any banking customer is the bank account number – which we cannot change – it makes perfect sense that we should be able to update this inconsequential part of our login experience on our own.